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InterAlaskaHash 2015 Review Meeting Notes

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June 18-21, 2015


6/18 ThursdayMeat & Greet (Wild Game Potlatch)
Volunteers: Go Go Gadget Titties & Doktor Helga von Boobin’

6/19 Friday Red Dress Run
Volunteers: Subaru nmy HUHU (runners section)

6/20 Saturday
Morning Hash – B2H3 Ball Buster
Fat Boy Hash
Afternoon/Evening Hash
Solstice (midnight hash)
Circle (Bet He Crocked Her & Mouthy Bitch?)

6/21 Sunday

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A2H3 Mis-Management Meeting Minutes for 11/7/2014

Unholy Nipples (Hash Bank)
I Want Anal *Stomp* (Song Mistress)
Go Go Gadget Titties (Great Pretender)
Jersey Dry Mouth *cough* Cougar (Religious Advisor)
I’d Fuck Me (Beloved Pack Member)
Uncle Bondage, Esq. (On-Sec)
Mandingo Massacre (Hare Raiser)
Stretch Ass Strong (Beloved Pack Member)
Takes A Bigger Cock (Beloved Pack Member)
Not Too Sharpie (Beloved Pack Member)
Mr. Gere’s Finger Puppet (Beloved Pack Member)
George Porgy (Beloved Pack Member)
Donnie The Retard (Beer Meister)

Report from Hash Bank
• When Daddy’s Little Whore For A Few Dollars More turned over the account on 11/13/2013 the kennel had (SEE ANY MEMBER OF MISMANAGEMENT). The current balance is (SEE ANY MEMBER OF MISMANAGEMENT).
• The kennel paid $250 towards the haberdasher to supplement the cost of the great new T-Shirts that IC did.
• The kennel has a problem with taking in more money than it’s spending. Especially on rego events. It should be operating at closer to a even break.
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