Anchorage Alaska Red Dress Run 2018 Regos Open!

Cum one, Cum all! The Great Alaska Red Dress Run 2018 is on the calendar!

Who? Everyone! Invite your friends, family, whoever feels like wearing red and running with the hash house harriers!
When? Friday, June 22nd 2018. Time is TBD (I’m going to guess 5:30, but only because a few of us work on Fridays)
Where? Anchorage, AK. Meet at the Train on 9th and E. Trust me, you’ll see lots of red.
Why? Why not? Wear a red dress, follow us, drink beer! Hooray!
How do I rego? Click here to rego!

Great Alaska Interhash 2017!

We are ready for Regos to the Great Alaska Interhash 2017!!!!!

These wankers are already rego’d (get on this list!):

  • Strummin’ N’ Cummin’, A2H3
  • Subaru nmy HuHu, LongBeach
  • Ho White & the 7 Dwarfs, SAH3
  • Roofie Le Toit, Aurora H3
  • Dong the Booty Hunter, A2H3
  • I want Anal, *Stomp*, A2H3
  • Spank the clown, A2H3
  • Sticky Mickey, A2H3
  • Submissive Mike, A2H3
  • M’Alice, Vancouver
  • The Nut Wrangler, A2H3
  • Shagwich, A2H3
  • Grand Theft Anal, A2H3
  • Cums Alone, Space Coast H3/Aurora H3
  • Rolling Stoned, Phoenix H3
  • Mission Assquire, Louisville H3
  • going Down On A bull moose (“DOA”), B2H3
  • Dead Hooker Disposal Unit, A2H3
  • Can I Get U Off?, Louisville H3
  • Swoobs, A2H3
  • Rol-A-Dix, A2H3
  • Black Cocks Matter, Wildcard H3
  • Improper Cleanse, Wasatch H3
  • Cunt 4 Red October, Lotsa Damn Shiggy H3
  • Low Key, Alamogordo H3
  • Mouthy Bitch, A2H3
  • K9 Jelly, Little Rock H3
  • SEXspurt, Little Rock H3
  • Bee Fuck, Oregon H3
  • Heiney Girl, Giggity H3
  • Raspberry Beret, Giggity H3
  • Shoe Said Head, Holy Shit! What the Fuck? H3
  • TABC, Austin H3
  • Unholy Nipples, A2H3
  • Rojo Hammer Toe, Aurora H3
  • Uncle Bondage Esq., A2H3
  • Rosey Palms, Dead Whores Portland H3
  • Trashy Snatch, Portland Humpin’ H3
  • Bloody Ball Dropper, Portland Humpin’ H3
  • Limpy Dick, Dallas H3
  • Popeye’s Bitch, Alamogordo H3
  • Software, Saidpan H3
  • Peggy, A2H3
  • Cannabis licked her, Calif Larkins
  • Bushtrimmer, SDH3
  • HoboSexual, HSWTF!?
  • Humpy, A2H3
  • Double Ended Dildo, A2H3 (CarSin H3)
  • Self Service (BFM/Philly Full Moon)
  • Frank Lloyd Thong, Baltimore Annapolis
  • Does the Finger Count?, Seoul H3
  • Prickly Puss, Stumptown H3
  • Sponge, LBH3
  • Stinkfinger, Oregon H3
  • Wet Spots, Oregon H3
  • Poontango, Rochester Flour City H3
  • Banana Nut Bred, Colorado Kimchi H3
  • Just Jen, Midnight Sun H3
  • IC Member, A2H3
  • Cums solo, A2H3
  • Mein Spitzmaus, A2H3
  • Cock-tistic, Bear Bottom H3
  • Transcuntinental, Long Beach H3
  • Not 2 Sharpie, A2H3
  • Teener Schnitzel, Aurora H3
  • Minnesota Goat Fucker, Agana H3
  • Dr. Penis Venkman, OBH3
  • I’d Fuck Me, A2H3
  • * (your hash name should be here)

Updated on 6/6/2017

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A2H3 800th _unning: We made it to 800 trails!

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