2018 Camp Hash

REGO HERE: Camp Hash Registration

$50 until August 1st, then price goes up to $69.

Everyone MUST pay the registration fee — no “in-kind” donations, no “contributions,” no “bartering,” NO FREELOADING. End of discussion.

It has also been discussed and decided that all firearms need to be in locked vehicles. There will be no shooting of guns at the camp site. If you want to go target practicing, you’ll have to go off-site. Thank you! 🙂

Hares needed for trails! Swill Team 6? Saturday – 2 trails? We will have a van that will shuttle us to more desirable (nearby) areas with better trails than what our usual spot allows.

We will also provide lunch Saturday and some orange snack foods.

A2H3 800th _unning: We made it to 800 trails!

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A2H3 794th _unning: Runamuck you f*cks!

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