Mis-Management 2023

Grand MasterSpanky The Clownancakhhh@gmail.com
Religious Advisor
Luuv Canal
Religious Advisor, SecondaryJennatailia
On-SecLesbian For Surea2h3onsec@gmail.com
Beer MeisterPeePaw SeeSaw
Hash CashI Want Anal*ancakhhh@gmail.com
Hare RaiserJennatailia
HaberdasherSticky Mickey
Song MeisterSweet 'N Loaded
Hash FlashEveryone!


Grand Master (GM)
The Calendar and The Folder.  The GM offers guidance tothe pack with his almost fanatical devotion to the kennel.  He organizes dates and keeps track of who volunteered to do what, pestering them when they forget.  The rest of the time the GM is the chief baby sitter and drunk herder, the face of the kennel, the poor sap who listens to all the complaints and takes all the blame.

Religious Advisor (RA)
Your entertainment for the evening, the keeper of traditions and instructor to virgins.  The RA leads all the half minds through circle, keeping most of the drunks in check with charm, wit and humor.  Usually runs chalk talk and the blessing of the hares.

Secretary – the keeper of records, compiles stats, updates the website, publishes communications to the 1/2 minds.

Beer Meister
The most important member of mis-management.  Thank this person for always making sure there’s cold beer available on trail and at circle.

The procurer of all hash related clothing, tirelessly tracking down vendors to produce absurd tee shirts, patches, toe tags or whatever useless shwag some 1/2 mind demands. Polls the pack for what they actually wants then tells them to suck it up when a decision is made.  Promotes the sale of sponsored projects.

Hash Flash
Takes photos of the events and hides them from public view.  Flash ALWAYS checks with the pack for their individual desire to be photographed.

Song Meister
Knows all the songs, occasionally teaches the rest of the pack.  Can always be called on in circle to supply new verses for down-downs.

Hash Cash
Takes attendance at each trail and reports that to the On-Sec.  Extorts hashers for their measly $6.  Provides money to the Beer Meister and the hares.

Hare Raiser
Responsible for keeping track of all the upcumming trails, needles hashers into haring, matches experienced hares with those that want to learn more about dragging fools through the shiggy.

Hash Bank
Stuffs all the money squeezed out of the pack into a bank account shaped mattress.

Generally speaking, every member of mis-man is the primary contact for that topic, not the ultimate authority.  Take what they say as guidance.


Former GMs:

Donnie The Retard
Mouthy Bitch
Strummin N’ Cummin
Unholy Nipples
Cums Solo (702-731)
Luuv Cannal
Melts In Mouth
Georgy Porgy
Roats Kill
Doc Loach
Madonna (Founder – Saipan) 1995