A2H3 Mis-Management Meeting Minutes for 11/7/2014

Unholy Nipples (Hash Bank)
I Want Anal *Stomp* (Song Mistress)
Go Go Gadget Titties (Great Pretender)
Jersey Dry Mouth *cough* Cougar (Religious Advisor)
I’d Fuck Me (Beloved Pack Member)
Uncle Bondage, Esq. (On-Sec)
Mandingo Massacre (Hare Raiser)
Stretch Ass Strong (Beloved Pack Member)
Takes A Bigger Cock (Beloved Pack Member)
Not Too Sharpie (Beloved Pack Member)
Mr. Gere’s Finger Puppet (Beloved Pack Member)
George Porgy (Beloved Pack Member)
Donnie The Retard (Beer Meister)

Report from Hash Bank
• When Daddy’s Little Whore For A Few Dollars More turned over the account on 11/13/2013 the kennel had (SEE ANY MEMBER OF MISMANAGEMENT). The current balance is (SEE ANY MEMBER OF MISMANAGEMENT).
• The kennel paid $250 towards the haberdasher to supplement the cost of the great new T-Shirts that IC did.
• The kennel has a problem with taking in more money than it’s spending. Especially on rego events. It should be operating at closer to a even break.

New Business
The agenda was read.

1. Defining Mis-Management positions

A. GM – The GM is the Calendar and The Folder. Calendar: i.e. work with HareRaiser and others to set dates for big annual events. Folder: Keeps track of who volunteered for what, i.e. organizing InterHash! Be the point of contact for organizing committees for events, be the actual point of contact for making reservations with the public (like reserving the site for camp hash).
The position is there to guide not control. The GM should organize by broad strokes and delegate responsibility when and if some other position falls down. If everyone is fulfilling their role in other positions the GM should have nearly nothing to do. The GM is NOT the HMFIC, but offers direction to the pack.

B. Beer Meister – no change

C. Hare Raiser – keeps track of the hare line. Decides dates and the actual number for regular trails. Covers if the hare flakes out and fails to show for their trail.

D. Hash Cash – Takes attendance and reports it to On-Sec. Collects cash at trail and turns it over to the Bank. Provides money to Beer Meister and the Hares. (per subsequent resolution)

E. Flash – Takes pictures and posts them to Facebook secret group and/or Hash Space. MUST get consent every single trail.

F. Haberdasher – Acquires, promotes and sells goods to the pack. Should be open to promoting and selling hasher sponsored independent ventures (i.e. they have and execute and idea, Hab should work with them to promote and sell it.) All agreed that the recent t-shirts were a great success in that the pack was polled for a design/slogans then told to suck it up and pay for the damn shirt.

G. RA – no change

H. On-Sec – does not collect hash cash

I. Song Mistress – no change

J. Great Pretender – Position to be eliminated because it is the responsibility of each other Mis-Man position to find a person to cover for them if they can’t do their thing. ex) Jersey isn’t required to RA every trail. He can delegate that or turn it over on request or any time he feels like it. It’s merely his role to make sure SOMEONE does circle and chalk talk.

2. General Resolutions (rampant enthusiasm)

A. Meetings – Regular and open to all

B. Voting – Everyone (named) present gets a vote. For some issues the vote should go to the pack. This can be accomplished by polling like the way IC did the t-shirts. On-Sec to figure that shit out since he ran his mouth off about how clever he was.

C. Cums Solo – It was pointed out and all agreed that under his leadership in the last year the kennel has grown substantially in number of pack members, available cash, and enthusiasm to participate. A2H3 has a great deal to thank him for even if he is an abrasive pain in the ass. The pack voted for him to continue leading and all members of Mis-Man need to be working with him. What makes the pack strong is relentless enthusiasm to go hashing. Shit talking has no place.

D. Responsibility – Positions are not jobs. Positions are not the god of X. They are the point of contact for that role. ex) The Hare Raiser doesn’t dictate how trails will be laid, but is the person someone should got to when they need guidance. (It happens that THIS hare raiser will be offering all kinds of guidance, but it’s a suggestion not a mandate).

E. Trial and Error – All the stuff that MisMan is trying out is subject to revision. Nothing is set in stone. When something isn’t working it should be addressed! It should not fester until next erections.

3. Change in Hash Cash
•Proposed that hash cash be split 60/30/10 to Beer/General/Haberdasher (REJECTED)
•Proposed to reduce hash cash to $5 (REJECTED)
•Proposed to maintain hash cash at $6 (APPROVED)

4. What to do with the surplus
A. Hares will be paid $20 per trail to supplement the cost of laying trail. This will be paid out of hash cash either at chalk talk or circle. No need to submit receipts. We’re going to know that the hares are being skimpy motherfuckers and only spending $20 on trail. The hare can opt to have the Beer Meister supply a case of beer instead of accepting the cash.
B. Further discussion to be had about special supplements for large events or special event regos (other than Camp Hash / RDR).

5. What’s a Trail?
An A2H3 trail is a whole numbered event. Every other Saturday year round will be a whole number. Thursday Night Trails between the first outdoor circle and labor day will be whole numbered trails and appear on the regular hareline.
Pickup trails can occur anytime or place and CAN be supported by the kennel to the extent possible but that is not required. The organizer should promote it to the widest extent possible. Ex) if a bunch of hashers at a party decide to throw a trail then and there they are welcome to do so. They can collect cash for trail beer/chalk/circle beer/whatever. They can do circle how ever they want. If they sucker the Beer Meister into dragging a cooler of kennel beer then hash cash should be collected and handled per A2H3 traditions, but otherwise, anything goes.
Pickups and full moon trails will not be numbered ahead of time, but it’s likely that the On-Sec will assign them a number when the trail attendance is turned in. (PLEASE TURN IN ATTENDANCE TO THE ON-SEC!!!)
ALL TRAILS, numbered or otherwise, count towards an individual’s participation in the pack.

6. Awards/Milestones
A. It was acknowledge and all agreed that sponsors should be recognized and thanked for their contribution. When someone allows circle to take place in their house, they should be thanked. Everyone should help clean up. Everyone should endeavor to leave the place nicer than they found it.
B. It was accepted that the kennel should recognize the contributions of every pack member on their milestone trails. The specifics of that were tabled, but it was recognized that this would likely involve the haberdasher.

7. Goals for the coming year
A. Strummin – Reach back to older hashers to find out what they loved about hashing and what A2 traditions existed when they were coming around. The only way traditions get kept is if they are practiced!
• Nipples – ZMFG outdoor circles year around!!!! Best thing ever!!!!! (Then he came all over the table and took a nap on Anal’s shoulder)
• Georgy – Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival – travel hashes in general – Girdwood – Eagle River

8. Virgin’s cash
The sponsor pays for the virgin.

9. Welcoming gift to B2H3
Proposal to buy a small cooler and fill it with beer to welcome B2H3 to the community. (ACCEPTED; Uncle Bondage abstained).

Interhash – WTF is going on with interhash? Are Solo and Popeye still involved? What happened to the meeting notes? Who all volunteered to do what? Meet 11/14 to figure this out. Location TBD.