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Red Dress Results!

Two Thousand.  Six Hundred.  Sixty Five.  That’s the number of fucks given by this kennel to help the kids at Covenant House.  $2,665 simoleans is a whole lotta bread for a bunch of folks who boldly proclaim their half-minded honey badgerness.

Maybe it was the sacred nectar talking, but the Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers did a fantastic job coming together to raise money for a local charity.  Last year, the first year in the packs nearly 20 year history, we hope to raise $300 and came up with $1000.  This year we wanted to break a grand.  We nearly tripled it.   $1625 came from regos for Interhash/RDR.  Through a combination of raffle tickets, sexy feather tickles and good old spankings, another $1040 was contributed on the day of the r_n.  Special thanks to Subaru nmy HUHU for putting together the raffle, ThunderPussy HOOOOOO for coaxing the cash out of the muggles with her riding crop, and Ho White and the Seven Dwarfs for keeping track of all the moving parts.  We couldn’t have r*n at all if Luuv Cannal and Subaru didn’t set trail for us.  Thanks to them and everyone else who made Interhash/RDR happen this year.  Now go buy your brother or sister hasher a beer for a j*b well r*n.

Harriettes and Harriers, you all did an amazing thing putting this event on.  You did a caring thing to give so generously to make sure Alaskan youth have someplace to go when they are in crisis.   You can learn more about Covenant House here: AK Covenant House