It’s almost that time of year again! Our an(nu)al camp hash retreat! Are you ready to spend a weekend running around in your *underwear guzzling delicious nectar and fighting off mosquitoes the size of your first!?! Then have we got a deal for you! *underwear optional

For the LOW LOW LOW price of $50 (before July 1st!, $69 – giggity – after July 1st), you too can come enjoy drunken debauchery that is hash camping in Alaska!

When: Thursday August 18 at 12:00pm until Sunday August 21st at “mimosa-30-o’clock”
Where: 3 miles down hope junction rd (look for the underwear!)

How do I rego?!?
I’m glad you asked. First, find out what day of the year it is on your cellphone, computer, or stranger walking down the street.
If it’s BEFORE July 1st, Paypal $50 to
If it’s AFTER July 1st (i.e. July 2nd up until August 21st), Paypal $69 to
Do you hate Paypal? Then email asking how to pay and he will be happy to assist.

A word from our GM:
“This year’s camp hash is going to be A2H3’s return to the hope site. It’s also going to be the first year we’re stretching camp back to thursday, make sure to take that shit off! It’s going to be beautiful, wild, remote, and camp life will be incredibley personal (a wanker couldnt hide if he wanted to). This WILL be a shaggy endeavor so dress accordingly, bring a change of underwear or two. Camp rego (see Strummin or Swoobs)is $50 from now – 7/1 and includes beers, dinner, and camp swag. Remember, camp is the one and only time you’ll not only be allowed, but expected to wear TIGHTY-WHITIES bring a pair for you and a friend. Camp hash is an experience you don’t want to miss, I’m stoked. See all you wankers there.”


Date Time
August 18, 2016 12:00 pm