Rebirth of Midnight Sun Hash House Harriers!

That’s right! We have a new/old/recycled/awesome/familyfriendly kennel in our island of Alaska! Details are a bit fuzzy (warm and fuzzy) but from what’s been learned (and blatantly stolen from B2H3’s website): “Originally founded in the late 2000’s by Madonna and Unholy Nipples” for more hashing opportunities!

Oh wait! There’s more! (Fantastic! Incredible! HOLYHELLFIRESH*TTELLUSABOUTITMOTHERFUC*ER!)

MSH3 goals:
* Family Friendly
* Have Fun
* Cater to hashers of wide range of physical prowess
* Treat others with respect
* No Hazing
* Hateful tomfoolery discouraged

This kennel is Family Friendly and runs monthly on Sundays starting this Sunday January 17th! Things are a bit new but contact Georgy Porgy or Silent Butt Daddy for more information. If you don’t know these wanks, contact someone in A2H3 and we’ll get you to the right place!

We should all live by Georgy’s motto: “Bring enough for you and a friend”. See you wanksters on trail!