Moosus No Stompus Dry-Fit Shirts! Order yours now!

Attention all Wankers!  We are putting in an order for some of the finest hash-threads in the whole island of Alaska!  Below is a graphic showing the personalized version of the “Mooses No Stompus” shirts that our wonderful haberdasher is ordering for us!  Hoooray!!!

The prices are as follows:

  • $30US – Personalized (your hash name, hopefully)
  • $25US – Non-Personalized (It just says “Mooses No Stompus”)

You can’t be naked ALL the time so you wanks need to get in on this order!
We will stop taking orders near the end of December!

Click the Shirt graphic or the link below to reach the order page!

Mooses No Stompus Shirts!  Wow!