Mis-Management Meeting Notes

tldr: Rewards committee formed. Form nonprofit organization.

Unholy Nipples, The Nut Wrangler, I Want Anal, Go Go Gadget Titties, Spanky the Clown, Swoobs, Stretch Assstrong, StrumminNCummin, Donnie The Retard, Georgy Porgy, Rol-a-dix, Uncle Bondage, Esq., Gorilla Loves the Fist (returning to A2H3!), Just Raymond (Gorilla Loves The Fist), Mandingo Massacre, Subaru nmy HUHU, Takes A Bigger Cock, Red Blood Gives You Wings!

Haberdasher Report
•Inventory complete, photo contact sheet of everything made.  Can be used to show off to folks what’s available.
•There’s a shitload of old stuff that’s going to get labeled as cum rags and gifted/awarded away.
•Putting together a bag tag order soon (Coordinating with Toys)
•There are color changing mugs and soft flasks in stock for RDR/Interhash gift bags
New Project: getting a card reader for haberdashery purchases and hash cash
New Project: beanies – working with UB, E. to do direct embroidery or patch some sweet, reasonable quality and price Burton beanies
New Project: new logo/patch design in the works

OnSec Report
•FB Access controls – all of mis man will be added to admin for the page and group
•Website – Access control passwords (domain name, etc.) to be documented and stored with Spank Bank.  I cannot currently give access at the admin level because of the way it’s being hosted.  Correcting this is an on my to-do list.
•HashSpace – Advertise the major/rego events.  Maintain a clean contact space for visitors.  Nipples says its fine to put his # up.
•Calendar – TODO: Add a general events calendar.  Georgy brought a list of some 40 events that would give a great excuse to go hashing (or just hang out with hashers) nearly every week of the year.
•TODO: GreatAlaskaInterhash.com website/FB/HS – Please submit logo ideas!

New Business
Reward System
• Virgin patch / Virgin Foot – UB, E. currently making this out of the goodness of his heart
• Whistles for Namings – APPROVED
• Pack approves creating REWARDS COMMITTEE – (Spanky to set up)

Non-Profit Status
• Pack approves organizing under a not for profit corporate structure.
Pros: Liability Shield!  Ability to solicit donations of shwag/beer/etc. and offer something in exchange.
Cons: Formality.  Pretty drastic move away from flying under the radar, fuck it lets go hashing mentality. Annual cost.
-The current bank account creates too much risk to not have some legal protection.  Running the pack as charity is a pretty solid step towards doing the shit we always say we’re gonna do.



•TODO: Add event for Wednesday 17th – drinking practice for early arrivals
•Outreach – UB,E. hasn’t heard back from Aurora, Spanky to pester him some.
-still need to contact Healy, Denali.
-Juneau undecided about participating officially
-Subaru to contact Kodiak
-Kotzebue hashers?

•REGO set at $69 before 2/14; 80 after.
-Georgy whipped out a check book to be #1 like a boss.
-Priority to get this advertised

-Whatchallwant?  Contact Strummin with suggestions.
-Toe Tags
-Bag Tags
-Bag (Sling? Drawstring bag?)
-Lanyard w/ ID Holder
-Visit Alaska stuff (Jabberwookie?)
-First Aid stuff?
-Sweatshirt (addon/upsell?  Not as part of rego)

Red Dress Run
-Public/Trad Press advertisement?
-Onsite shwagless regos for muggles- $45
-Charity raffle – start thinking about donations

-Red Blood may be able to secure some sodas.
-Potlatch Thursday – Sloppy Seconds Friday/Saturday/Sunday
-Rol-a-dix to investigate Sunday brunch location