After what was surly a 36 day long erection, A2H3 finally has all its holes filled.  20 voting members were present, 3 proxy votes, and one courageous Just watching from the wings.  Unholy Nipples edged out the pack to take on the abuse that being the GrandMaster of the Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers entails.  Congratulations and our deepest sympathies.  Buy this man a beer the next time you see him, he’ll need it.

Comes now the new tag team duo for Haberdasher: Strumming N CumminSwoobs!  Promises were made for more great hash related products for the shiggy new year.

The pack spontaneously decided that we needed an InterAlaskaHash Committee Who Said Head and that the only person qualified to do it is Spanky The Clown.

Thanks all who came out and cast your not even remotely secret ballot.  The pack only gets stuff done with your participation.  Congrats to all of you for caring enough to make your voices heard.

Next Mis-Management Meeting will be Sunday 12/7 around 1600.  Details to follow.
Agenda (so far): Allocation of funds for InterHash and other events.
Email with anything you want brought up whether or not you’re there to defend the idea.