Climate Change

Hello Bimbos and Wankers!!!

 We have some exciting news bustling in the last frontier. It would seem we need to welcome a new pack to the Alaska family of Hashes.

 A group of motivated Hashers is taking advantage of the Hash rich environment here in Anchorage and founding the Bear Ass HHH (BAH3).
First off, we here at A2H3 would like you wish you the best of luck as we have always felt Anchorage could support a second pack.  Please get us your social media contacts when you have them so we can put a link to you on our website.
News of this addition came buzzing through social networks yesterday (we’re sure completely by coincidence), mere hours before we were supposed to hold a hash erection. This, we hope you understand threw a slight monkey wrench in to that plan and we had to postpone. This was necessary for a number of reasons:
 1. The changing landscape of Hashing in Anchorage brings to light other issues that need to be discussed amongst the pack. Several of our long standing members (people whom A2H3 would not exist without) expressed a desire to participate but could not be there yesterday.
2. It looks like a few of our current mismanagement will be moving over to help run BAH3. This fact raises the issue of accounting for all of A2H3’s assets so they are not misplaced.
3. A2H3 wants to give BAH3 every chance to succeed, hence we don’t want our current affairs to interfere with their successful debut.
Soooo… in the meantime A2H3 will hash on as always. Current mismanagement and Hash heads of state (couldn’t think of a better term) will be contacted on an individual basis to voice their deepest wants and desires concerning their involvement in A2H3 affairs.
In closing, let it be known that A2H3 hopes BAH3 finds the formula to be a successful second Anchorage pack, something that Midnight Sun HHH, Northern lights HHH, Anchor Town HHH and Sourdough HHH for some reason could not.

 Please stay tuned, information will be disseminated shortly detailing current events and activities.