860th _unning – 4/20

Calling all wankers, bimbos, and backsliders

Who: Struggle Snuggle and Just Krisy
What: 860th _unning – 4/20
When: Saturday, April 20th, 2019. Meet at 1600 (4pm) HA 1630
Where: Russian Jack Springs Park dirt lot. Hash here
Why: Because 4/20 is upon us, on a hashing day this year.

Notes, rumors, and lies:
Trail will be A-A
ID – Not required for trail, but a good idea to have anyways
Dogs – Yes
A note from the hare:
“The theme is well obviously 420 so green and pot stuff galore. No items will have weed in them, but we’ll be bringing some to share with those who want it.”
And as always, hash cash is still just $6!