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Who: Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers
What: #768_unning
When: Saturday, October 24th 6:00m, hare away @ 6:30pm
Where: Russian Jack Park (likely softball fields off pine, will update when determined)
Why: Dead Hooker wants to show us a shiggy good time in the woods. In the dark. Let’s go for a _un following wankers in the deep dark woods sniffing out all the beer!
Note: $6 hash cash, bring flashlights/headlamps, dog friendly, warm clothes. Circle has a 69% of being outside.
UPDATE:: CANNED FOOD DONATIONS WANTED! We all know you have canned food sitting in your pantry gathering dust because you’re too busy hashing and enjoying sacred nectar. If it’s not too old (the canned food) and banged up (also, canned food), bring it to this hash to donate to a local food bank for Operation Santa Claus delivering food in rural parts of Alaska. Cash $$ donations also accepted – which will be magically turned into food and donated to the same cause.