Mis-Man is dead; Long Live Mis-Man

Congratulations to all the newly erected souls who have no idea how much work they are volunteering for in the coming year.  Buy theses poor half-minds a beer before you start yelling at them!

GM: Cums Solo
RA: Jersey Dry Mouth *cough* Cougar
Great Pretenders: Rush Gumballz, Go Go Gadget Titties, Strummin N Cummin
HareRaiser: Mandingo Massacre
Beer Meister & Hash Flash: Donnie the Retard
Haberdasher: IC Member
SongMistress: I Want Anal *stomp*
On-Sec: Uncle Bondage, Esq.
Hash Bank: Unholy Nipples
Hash Cash: Spanky the Clown

Thanks for all the hard work that the departing mismanagement put in over the last year+.  The pack wouldn’t be here without you.