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A2H3 794th _unning: Runamuck you f*cks!

WHO: Rush Gumballz and Schweddy Balls of Flour
WHAT: Runamuck You Fucks, Trail #794
WHEN: Saturday 8 October 2016 1300 (1pm for the non-camo)
WHERE: CUL-DE-SAC @ 1760 Wakefield Circle
WHY: Because Saturday is a hashing day and we don’t need any other reason to consume sacred nectar and lift shiny piss pots over our craniums.
NOTES: Trail is A-A, No strollers, Dogs OK, No ID, Hash Cash $6, bring a dry bag or you will be sad. We DO NOT know who lives at 1760 Wakefield, so please only stay in the cul-de-sac. Wankahs.