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A2H3 732: 239th Analversary of the USMC

Hello Binbo’s and Wanker’s if you didn’t know Hashing and the military go way way back. Hashing owes a lot of its expansion to folks who traveled around the world via the service. With that in mind I like to lay this trail every year and pay my respects to all of the Veterans we have in our group.

Who: A2H3
What: Trail 732
Where: Veterans Memorial on 10th and I st 
When: 5:30 pm Saturday the 8th of November
Why: Because 10 November is the Birthday of the USMC and the 11th is Veterans Day. As far as I know A2H3 only knows how to celebrate in one way……….with a trail

Special notes: Trail is not K9 compatible.  ID, ID,ID you will need ID! If we so happen to be in an establishment that servers libations and you want something other than what the hash provides, having some extra cash is in order. Please dress for the weather and keep in mind you will be going in and out of the outdoors. A light source is always good this time of year as well as some kind of reflective clothing. If you are a Vet……Represent! Show those colors.
Luuv Cannal