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We would like to combine Interhash meeting with mismanagement. We just had a mismanagement meeting and it should not take too long to go over new business. Less meetings are better meetings. Spanky “head inter hasher” has agreed to this suggestion.

HASH mismanagement meeting agenda items to add

Haberdashery report

  • -include current inventory.
  • -What will we do with old stock?

Technology report

  • Facebook, hashspace, etc who has admin rights
  • Possibility of shared calendars and documents for mis-man, Google docs or other. Would that be helpful or necessary???

Reward system?? (Beer is the best reward)
expired haberdashery inventory may be a good reward.

New business
Non-profit status.

  • Pros a real hash bank account, ability to accept donations as a legit
    non-profit may make it easier to get donations.
  • Cons- more paperwork, requires a strong management team as board members.

InterHash meeting to be run by Spanky.

Unholy Nipples, Spank Banker