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A2H3 772nd _unning: The 12 Beer Checks of Hashmas + White Elephant Gift Party!

Who: Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harries
What: 772nd_unning, The 12 Beer Stops of Hashmas
When: Saturday, December 19th
4pm, hares away @ 4:30pm
Where: Taku Lake 100 E 76th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99518
Why: Cause it’s Hashmas and the 2 Master Hares want to get you fu*ked up and party!!!
1 Silent Butt Daddy
3 Strummin
4 Swoobs
5 whiplash
6 Rush Gumballs
7 Jersey
8 The Nut Wrangler
9 Cockloose
10 Jabber Wookie & Breast Pump
11 Mandingo
12 Uniballer (hashy birthday muthalicka)
(remember there are 12 Beer checks so don’t over do it with your check and be prepared to carry it with you on trail, your check can be food)

Note: $6 hash cash, bring flashlights, not dog friendly, Bring Dry Bag(extra dry clothes for end circle), a Hashmas gift ($20 estimate, no theme), a side dish (optional) for Hashmas party.
Note #2: Beer check 11 will be back at the cars so you can grab everything you need for the party, but the trail is not over till we get to Beer Check #12. Penis on the Brain does not want cars parked outside of his house.

12 Beer Checks of Hashmas

Jingle balls

Jingle balls

Penis is laying trail………

Twats the trail before christmas

and all through the checks

not a creature was stirring

not even stuff.

WHO: Penis on-on-on-on the Brain and Stuff My Butt
WHAT: The 12 Beer Checks of Hashmas
WHEN: SATURDAY (the hashing day) December 20th, 2014
WHERE: Taku Park (approximately 200 E 76th Ave for the GPS inclined)
WHY: (see above, it’s the hashing day) ALSO, it’s Penis and Stuffs anal _unning wherein they go mistletoe balls to the hall trying to get the whole pack as happy as possible in the shortest distance possible.

Kids: NO.  Dogs: NO.  ID: YES. Shiggy: ??? Be prepared!

White Elephant gift exchange to follow trail at Penis and Stuff’s place.  $15 limit.  Participation strongly encouraged, but not required.

727.5 Full Moon, Zombie Style – Donnie the Retard & Mötley Speww

WHAT: A2H3’s 727.5th trail – Full Moon – Zombie Run – Donnie The Retard and Motley Spew as main hares – Dr. Penis Venkman and ?? as the original pack.
It will be explained in detail the day of. Just be aware everyone is starting out as a hare (flower/chalk will be provided) and as you get caught, you become part of the pack.
WHERE: Taku Lake

WHEN: Monday, September 8th. Hares away/pack stay at 6:30pm

WHY: Because it’s a full moon, and this type of trail could be epic.

Notes, Rumors & Lies: Trail is dog friendly. Minimum to moderate shiggy. Trail will be A to A. Hash cash is still just $6