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Just because he’s Not Too Sharpie doesn’t mean he doesn’t lay a good trail. And what kind of self respecting Hasher doesn’t like a good lay??

WHO: Not Too Sharpie
WHAT: 740th _unning
WHEN: Saturday 14 March @ 1500 hares away 1530
WHERE: Peanut Farm back parking lot
WHY: seriously? Beer! Trail! Hashing!

Trail is A-B. ID required. Dog ok on trail but not at circle.

727th trail – TABC and Uncle Bondage, Esq.

Halfminds Untie!
WHAT: A2H3’s 727th trail – TABC and Uncle Bondage, Esq.
WHERE: Peanut Farm back lot (Old Seward and Int’l)
WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 30th, 6:30pm, hares away at 7pm
WHY: Because TABC signed up to lay a spectacular trail for us all, hopefully he doesn’t seek retribution for the many call outs he recieved earlier this week. 
Notes, Rumors & Lies:  Trail is not dog or stroller friendly.  There will be shiggy so cum prepared, I’m guessing dry bag, and don’t forget those virgins!.  Cash is still just $6

Bluebirds — Eagles

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