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750th _unning: Bug dope dopes

Don’t let the sky fool you, the Alaska state bird is out in force.  Especially out in the shiggy.  Grab your bug dope and head on down to the Ocean View Park for the SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH(!!! that’s a lotta beer) trail.

WHO: Jersey Drymouth Cougar, Donnie The Retard, Just Aubrey
WHAT: the most badass trail this week
WHEN: Saturday! 6 June 2015 1700 (hares awake 1730)
WHERE:Ocean View Park off Jarvi Drive.
WHY: it’s better than masturbation!

A-A.  Dog and stroller-ish friendly.  Bring ID just in case.  You know.  For the police and bartender.  Also, whips, chains, whistles, dildos, and a book.   Hash cash is always $6.