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743 _unning: Bloody Anal Massacre (Jesus Saves!)

Straight from the harriettes: CallingĀ all wankers, since the sun is staying out longer, we are going to start having later trails. so all you wankers how couldn’t make the early trials, now you can!!!!!

Who: I Want Anal, Red Blood Gives You Wings, and Mandingo Massacre
What: A2H3 743rd_unning
When: Saturday April 11th at 5pm hare away 5:30pm
Where: Kincaid Park, Airport Access Rd. it the parking lot at the end of the road next to Little Campbell Lake
Why: cause why not, it is a hashing day.

Special note: this will be an Easter theme trail.

Trail is A to A and dog friendly, no IDs needed. You may want to bring dry bag with a change of clothes and shoes. Hash cash (or Square) is $6