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A2H3 786th _iding: ‘Murrica! BASH!

What’s a BASH you say? Well well well….it’s like a HASH, except with BICYCLES!!! Lube up those chains (and other items) and prepare your perineum for a jolly good time on two wheels searching for nectar! Theme is “Murrica!” so squeeze your ass into some Red-white(-and-anything-tight) and blue, air up those tires, and get ready for a BASH of a good time!

Who: Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers
What: 786th _unning/_iding ‘Murrica! BASH!
When: Saturday July 2nd, 15:00 (hares away at 15:30)
Where: Connor Lake Park (off Jewel Lake/Int’l)
Why: Because we haven’t had a bash yet this year and we want to take you for a wild ride. Trail is a “‘Murrica” themed trail so wear your red white, and blue! Trail is probably A to Aish. Hash cash $6.
Notes, rumors, and lies: bring ID, dry bags, helmets, and cream for after the hard ride