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A2H3 791st _unning: Motlee’s Cirque du Struggle

From the mouth of Motlee Spew himself:

Hola my fellow halfminds
It is I el Motlee Speww with deets for trail this upcumming Saturday. In honor of the State Fair beginning this will be a Circus themed trail. In that spirit bring your flaming rods, clown make up, rope, duct tape, or your sister if your joe dirt. Trail begins at Chenney Lake Park it is an A to B trail with a good chance to see some shiggy. Hares away at 2. See you there

Important things to know
Bring duct tape

If that was confusing here’s a simplified version for ya wanks:

Who: Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers!
What: Motlee’s Cirque Du Struggle
When: Saturday August 27th @ 13:30 (Hares away at 14:00!)
Where: Cheney Lake Park (
Notes/Rumors/Lies: Trail is A – to – B! This trail is circus themed so bring out your facepaint, crazy costumes, and juggling skills! Prepare for shiggy (maybe). BRING DUCT TAPE!