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A2H3 779th _unning: Ether Bunny Trail

A2H3 779th _unning: Ether Bunny Trail
Hares: I Want Anal & Red Blood Gives You Wings
When: Saturday 26 March 2016 @ 4pm. Hares away 430
Where: Russian Jack Park / Pine street parking lot by ball fields. Whichever parking lot that’s not closed.
What: Your Ether bunnies are up to no good again. Be prepared with ice cleats and weather appropriate gear. There will be a beloved egg hunt and plenty of fun and libations for everyone. Trail is A to A most likely with a shuttle to circle.
Free Beer for all the Hashers!

A2H3 768th _unning: Dead Hookers romp in the woods

Who: Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers
What: #768_unning
When: Saturday, October 24th 6:00m, hare away @ 6:30pm
Where: Russian Jack Park (likely softball fields off pine, will update when determined)
Why: Dead Hooker wants to show us a shiggy good time in the woods. In the dark. Let’s go for a _un following wankers in the deep dark woods sniffing out all the beer!
Note: $6 hash cash, bring flashlights/headlamps, dog friendly, warm clothes. Circle has a 69% of being outside.

728.5 Virgins Gone Wild

Calling all Wanks, Bimbo’s and Backsliders,

WHAT: A2H3’s 728.5th Trail. Just Sherry and Just Mariel are going to try their hand at laying another incredible A2H3 trail. This will be their virgin hare(ing), I can’t wait to see what they cum up with as we close out the Summer TNT bonus hash schedule. Fear not prospective hares, there are still plenty of dates available through the end of the year, just see your Hare raiser.

WHERE: 1116 Pine St (Cartee fields in Russian Jack) Hash Here!

WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 18th at 6pm. Hares away by 620pm

WHY: Because this sounded like a great idea to them. Who doesn’t like an extra run and a chance for more sacred nectar now and then?

Notes, Rumors & Lies:  Trail is dog friendly.  Expect a 4-5 on the old Shig-O-Meter.

Bring a heavy coat or blanket for an outdoor circle, we’re tough Alaskan hashers right?

Trail will be A to A.  Hash cash is still just $6