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A2H3 800th _unning: We made it to 800 trails!

What: The 800 th A2H3 Trail
Who: I Want Anal *Stomp* is our hare!
When: New Years Eve Day Bitches! (Dec 31st, 2016) 2:30pm Hare away @ 3:00pm
Where: 6025 Ril Way. The Anal Spank House A to A
Why: Because it’s the 8th centennial trail of A2H3. That’s right you crazy necrophiliacs. A2 has been hashing over 800 trails! This is going to be a trail full of mamaries. NOT dog friendly, NOT kid friendly, BRING ID or you are gonna be riding the curb. Hash cash is always $6. Bring a little extra quiche if u want more than what I’m paying for. Dress to impress ur friends or the hobos..who cares!? This is on New Years Eve…But it’s early so show up you whiny bitch!