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Just a quick note reminding everyone that it’s time once again to hold the A2H3 elections. Finding a suitable spot for this hasn’t been easy but hopefully it’ll all work out.

There have been some wants expressed that we add an ‘On-Sec’ position this year. This position involves floundering around in piles of paperwork, publishing HashTrash to keep other pack members informed and let them know how much fun they missed while backsliding and maintaining a membership database among other items.
Please spend a little time this week thinking about nominations for different positions. Consider who you feel has been doing a good job or who you feel could do better for the pack.

What: A2H3 Mis-Man Erections
When: Saturday, Oct 4th @ 5pm
Where: Al’s Alaskan Inn, 7830 Old Seward Hwy Erection directions
Why: To promote a thriving pack and ensure an active MisManagement to haul us through the next year of trails, special events, & general shenanigans.
This meeting will start promptly due to space considerations so don’t count on hash time being in effect. I sincerely hope to see many of you there!
Cums Solo

95 Theses Trail

95 Theses Trail

Who: all hashers
What: another fun trail with brother and sister hashers
When: Saturday (tomorrow) 10/4/2014 1300 Hares away at 1330.
Where: Al’s Alaskan Inn 7830 Old Seward Highway
Why: To promote physical fitness, to work up a great thirst and satisfy it with beer, and because there are visiting hashers from down south who want to see Alaskan hashpitality.

This trail will be immediately prior to and will conclude before A2H3 Erections being held at the same location.