A2H3 RED DRESS 2016!


A2H3 anal Red Dress run! Its high time again for every wanker’s favorite pub hustle. Whether you borrow it from the skank next door or steal it from your mothers wardrobe, as long as it’s red it counts. Find a dress, maybe sex it up a little bit and prepare to drink, for beer, for charity, and for BEER’s sake again. OnOn

Rego of $25 includes RDR patch and hash provided libations at each stop with the remaining funds collected being donated to The Covenant House of anchorage.

First 75 Regos receive patches, so rego early and often then rinse and repeat!

We are setting up an online rego but for now email our GM/Haberdasher: strmnncmn@gmail.com and he’ll get you all setup!

Who: TBD (most likely Luuv Canal!)
Where: Delaney Park Strip (between 10th and 9th on E)
When: June 4th, 2016! 4:30pm hares away at 5:00pm
Why: Raise money for charity and run around in red dresses because beer!


Date Time
June 4, 2016 5:00 pm