A2H3 766th: Bring The Kay Why?


There’s no better time than now to grease up before trail.  Yup, it’s a Rush Gumballz trail.  We all know that means everyone’s getting fucked.  Mostly not in a good way.  BUT! Trail will be exciting, thoughtful, considerate, and well planned.  <snicker> I promise.

No seriously, Rush is going to take us out, drag us through the mud and shig that we didn’t know existed, get us cold, grumpy, drunk, grumpy, and then give us a big ole hug before pouring more booze in us at circle.

Who: Rush Gumballz
What: ‪#‎766_unning‬
When: Saturday, September 26th 4:30pm, hare away @ 5pm
Where: Parking lot of Totem Theater, 3131 Muldoon Rd Anchorage, AK 99504
Why: To drink beer.

Note: $6 hash cash, Bring ID, bring flashlights, dog friendly, Not Hasher friendly….Bring the KY because everyone deserves to be Fucked By Rush. Bring Dry Bag(extra dry clothes)


Date Time
September 26, 2015 4:30 pm