A2H3 #759: BASH!


Who: Jersey Drymouth Cougar & Strummin n Cummin
What: Bike hash!
When: 4pm hares away 4:30pm
Where: Earthquake Park Hash here: https://www.google.com/maps/@61.1953851,-149.977159,16z
Why: Because Jersey hasn’t tired of haring trails this summer, and he would love to embarrass himself on a bicycle. He’s also conned Strummin into helping out!

Additional info: Trail is A-B and ID required!! Also, a bike lock/chain is very strongly advised. Circle will likely not be dog-friendly, and those of you with tiny hashers might want to think twice about bringing a bike trailer. Leave your road bikes at home, because even though there will be plenty of street to cover, there’s enough mud and dirt to play in that we almost feel obligated to do so. As always, hash cash is $6.

CAMP HASH is 24-26 July! Only two weeks away.  Don’t forget to rego! http://mkt.com/anchorage-alaska-hash-house-harriers/camp-hash


Date Time
July 18, 2015 4:00 pm