902nd _unning Spanksgiving


Calling all wankers, bimbos, and backsliders
Who: Spanky The Clown and Just Joe (the youngest Spanal Spawn)
What: Spanky and his littlest spawn are laying a trail as tight as a turkey’s ass. Erections will cum after trail.
When: Saturday, November 21st, 2020. Meet at 1430 (2:30pm)
Why: Because it’s Spanksgiving time of the year!
Where: Russian Jack Springs, the 1525 Boniface Pkwy Parking Lot

Notes, rumors, and lies:
Trail will be A to A, with a short drive to circle/on-after/Erections – Contact us via Facebook or Thru Email if you need the address.
Trail will be dog friendly for well behaved dogs, and kid friendly – the on-after will not.
A note from the hare:
Due to this never-ending groundhogs day we now call The Chronicles of Covid, we are adhering to Anchorage mandates. This means wear your face panties, 2 condoms are highly recommended, no outdoor orgies with over 20 participants, no indoor gang bangs with over 10 participants, and for gawd sake Penis, keep your balls in your pants.
There will be Hot Food at the end of trail with some quick Erections and Circle to follow.
**IF you would like to nominate by proxy or mail in ballot for yourself or another hasher for a misman position, submit it via the pinned post on FB Sekrit Moose page. (As per tradition, only named hasher votes count – wanna change this? Be part of misman and bring it to a vote next year)
What’s it feel like? 30-25F – 40% chance of powder
Bring your cranium lamp, ice spikes, vessel, thirst, face panties
And as always, hash cash is still just $6!

We will have our annual Erections. If you’re not familiar with the misman positions, please reference the misman page.

COVID-19 is still a thing. If you are sick, please stay home.


Date Time
November 21, 2020 2:30 pm