The moment you have all been waiting for is cumming!!

Alaska Interhash is Thursday-Sunday РJune 15-18th.  We have trails, beer, and trails, and more beer!

For the low low cost of $100 United States benji’s you can get a weekend of trails and hash beer! What’s not to like love about that, eh? (we have a canadian hasher).

This covers swag, food, hash beer. This also INCLUDES Rego for Red Dress 2017!

Rego early to get customized swag! Limit is 60, after that we can’t guarantee anything.



Tentative Schedule (Updated 6/6/2017!)

Tentative schedule.

    FRIDAY 6/16

      Morning McHugh Trail

    • Hares: Strummin’ N’ Cummin’ & TABC
    • When: 12:00 hash time
    • Where: McHugh Creek Lot, A-A (LINK)
    • Why: Trail, Beer, Shiggy
    • Notes: Carpool highly recommended and we might have a shuttle anyway, go us!

      RED DRESS 2017

    • Hares: Donnie The Retard, Subaru in my Hu Hu
    • When: 17:30 hash time
    • Where: Train @ Delaney Park Strip (LINK)
    • Why: Pub Crawl/Trail, Beer, Bars, Red everything
    • Notes: Visit Salvation Army and Value Village for dresses!
    SATURDAY 6/17

      Aurora Shiggy Trail

    • Hares: TBD
    • When: 13:00 hash time
    • Where: Kincaid Park (LINK)
    • Why: Trail, Beer, Moose, Bears, Shiggy, Beer.
    • Notes: Watch out for mooooooose!
    SUNDAY 6/18

      Hangover Trail/Float

    • Hares: Unholy Nipples (probably)
    • When: TBD
    • Where: Somewhere along Campbell Creek
    • Why: We like water and beer, but not watery beer.
    • Notes: Drybag highly recommended!


What do I get if I rego early?

Well, well, well. It’s not confirmed but rumor has it if you’re one of the first 60 to rego you will have an growler that is personalized with your hash name. If you don’t rego early you might still get a growler and maybe still personalized but if you rego late we can’t guarantee anything except you still get a bunch of trails and hash beer for the weekend! So Rego Early!

FYI The growler might look similar to one of these:
(photo was from two years ago**** results may vary!)

How do you Rego might you ask?


What if you already filled out the form and forgot to pay the $100 to secure your rego?

Click here if you haven’t paid!

What if I only want to do Red Dress Run 2017 and not any other Interhash stuff?
Well, hang on a bit. Why do you just want to do the Red Dress and not the whole weekend of shenanigans?!?!? I guess if you have a good answer to this then we can work something out. It’ll be $40 for just the red dress and I’ll have a link up for this soon. (right here, too!)

I have questions, but don’t know what the answers are!!!

Good! Send Mail to our GM

(More details to come, like trail deets, hares, times, specific locations, etc)